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A Unique Global Gathering: WIBC 2012

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An Iconic Brand

For close on 2 decades the World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC) has been at the forefront of the global Islamic finance industry, establishing its reputation as the world's largest and most influential gathering of Islamic finance industry leaders. From a mere 120 pioneering delegates at its launch way back in 1994, the 19th Annual WIBC is set to continue this tradition of supporting growth, excellence and innovation in the industry - and is poised break new records in 2012 with more than 1,200 attendees from 50+ countries set to join over 60 market-leading partners and sponsors.

Much has been said about the phenomenal growth of the Islamic finance industry over the past decade - and the growth rates have been outstandingly impressive. Industry supporters have also lauded how successfully Islamic banking has largely weathered the global economic crisis that engulfed the conventional banking industry. However, notwithstanding these achievements, much still needs to be done if the industry is to truly come of age and play its part on the world stage.

This year's theme focuses on "New Strategies for Islamic Finance to Come of Age - Scaling Up, Innovating Products, Globalising Footprint". Leading industry players will address key factors around achieving scale through consolidation or merger activity to strengthen their institution and ensure long-term industry stability; WIBC 2012 will be a key platform that will aid industry players to innovate the next generation of Islamic finance solutions that will meet the increasingly complex needs of corporate borrowers, consumers, issuers and investors; and create the conditions that will enable a more globally harmonised footprint for their institution - that, if achieved, will propel the Islamic finance industry to the next level of success.

Unique Features: What Makes WIBC Number 1?

19 years of extraordinary success and growth as a result of meeting the business needs of the market leaders.

A Global Stage
  • The world's largest gathering of Islamic finance leaders: More than 1,200 industry leaders from over 50 countries attend WIBC each year.
  • More than 60 partners, sponsors and exhibitors representing almost every market leader in the global Islamic finance industry

The WIBC Competitiveness Report

Working in collaboration with Ernst & Young, The WIBC Competitiveness Report is a groundbreaking initiative designed to not only identify but also to raise the bar of competitive excellence, strategic leadership and performance improvement in the industry. Now in its 9th year, the Competitiveness Report has rapidly evolved into an indispensable reference resource for the key decision-makers  in  the  global  Islamic banking  &  finance industry.

Now more important than ever at this critical juncture in the history of the global financial markets, this year's Competitiveness Report will assess the changing landscape and provide key pointers for industry decision-makers as they seek to renew their strategies and shape their organisation's role in the future of the Islamic banking industry.

Genuinely Global Dialogues

Strategic partnerships with the Central Bank of Bahrain, UK Trade & Investment, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore to bring the decision-makers together from the most significant markets in the world. An initiative to further broaden the international representation, 'The World Comes to WIBC' was launched at WIBC 2007 and has grown to now feature a British Pavilion led by UKTI and comprising 18 British-based financial institutions. 2008 saw us further extending this programme to Asia, in partnership with the Monetary Authority of Singapore, which resulted in a high-profile Singapore delegation led by the MAS Governor. This was further strengthened at last year's WIBC and 2012 will see several exciting new jurisdictions added to the World Comes to WIBC Programme. In addition, a number of leading international Islamic banking groups also now convene their annual board meetings along the sidelines of WIBC.

The WIBC Sidelines

A format that is so much more than just speeches - The WIBC Sidelines is where international groups hold their AGMs, CEOs interact in Closed-Door sessions, and the premium Business Lounge provides a genuinely unique environment for optimising high-level onsite networking.

Recent Keynote Speakers at WIBC: Industry Titans and Business Gurus

Abdul Aziz
Al Ghurair
Al Rajhi
Tom Peters        Robert

Gary Hamel Nassim
Mark Mobius       Kishore